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My name is Kevin D. Bacon. I am a native of Kingston, Illinois and I have been interested in and researching family history since 1974.

This site is dedicated to the memory of my father, Walter Roy Bacon 1934-1998. He was born at Sycamore, DeKalb Co., Illinois a son of George Clarence Bacon (1886-1951) and Edythe Mae (King) Bacon (1896-1971).

This site includes the surnames of his ancestors who settled in DeKalb County, Illinois between 1845 and 1856.

The surnames are:


You can click on any of these names in the bar above to view a brief family group sheet which will give you an idea of what I have.

The surnames of various families that my family married into include: Lucas, Gibbs, Brown, Weed, Moore, Seibert, Gardner, McCarty, Weaver, Thurlby, Gieske, Uplinger, Brainard, Littlejohn, Ault, Moyer, Robinson, Wyllys, Clark, Harrison, Harbison, Swift, Reed, Baker, Cheasbro, Weber, Vosburgh, Wike, Deverell, Lawrence, Matteson and Hoffman.

I have created this site for the purpose of networking with other researchers and distant relatives who may be researching these families. The data here is limited, if you would like to have more detailed data, you can email me at and I will be glad to share what I have. Thanks!

My grandmother used to tell me: "Be careful what you say about others because you might be related to them" and I learned years later that this was so true.




My father was:

Walter Roy Bacon born 1934 died 1998 married 1957 to Jo Anne Hicks, daughter of Willis Russell Hicks and Wilma Maxine Daniels.

His father was:

George Clarence Bacon born 1886 died 1951 married 1918 to Edythe Mae King, daughter of Frank Preston King and Nellie Leona Gross.

His father was:

Elmer Rozell Bacon born 1855 died 1924 married 1879 to Eliza Stenner, daughter of Valentine Stenner and Magdalena "Lena" Glick.

His father was:

Henry Maturean Bacon born 1829 died 1915 married 1852 to Polly Lovina Lawton, daughter of Amos Sheffield Lawton and Electa Jane Goodenough.

NOTE: Henry & Polly Bacon moved to DeKalb Co., Illinois from Potter Co., Pennsylvania in 1855. They settled in the village of Kingston in 1881.

His father was:

Ira Bacon born 1801 died 1868 married 1824 to Naomi Bennet, daughter of John Turner Bennet and Mary Slafter.

His father was:

Abner Bacon born 1775 died 1828 married 1800 to Barbara Councilman, daughter of Philip Councilman and Catherine Foster.